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Have a battery-related query? Our highly experienced team has compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions below.

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An SLI (starting lights ignition) battery is designed to provide a fast burst of energy on start up. A deep cycle battery has less instant energy but can maintain energy delivery for a longer time frame.

Store batteries in a cool and dry environment. Keep them clean, fully charged and do not leave dormant for an extended period of time. Most modern chargers have a ‘charge and maintain’ function so you can leave them plugged in for as long as you like without worry.

Some batteries can be recycled, depending on the size and type. There are many businesses across Australia that you can leave your used automotive batteries with, including Battery Kingdom—whether you bought them from us or not. Our team will then have the battery recycled at a local reputable business.

Our team can assist you to determine the most suitable battery for your car. Simply tell us the make, model, year and series of your car—we’ll do the rest.

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Located in Heatherbrae, Port Stephens, Battery Kingdom is an independently owned family business offering locals a huge range of batteries backed by honest customer service. Our knowledgeable team has more than 18 years in the industry and offers comprehensive battery testing and a number of other convenient services. Phone us today to discuss your requirements.

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